Due to the nature of the art, although you can order any of the items on this page, the finished article will not be identical to the illustration, as each rock is unique,  and each clay creation is hand made, and thus subject to variation.
Gemstone embellished metal wall art is available in a variety of different stones. The dragon shown here is made with abalone and amethyst, while the tree is made with aventurine, carnelian and red jasper.
Every piece is unique, as no moulds are used in their creation. Custom colors can be chosen for commissions.
This crystal art is created by baking hand made polymer clay creations into crystal geodes and other rock and mineral specimens.
Unique jewelry is made from individual stones, carefully wire wrapped.
Custom pieces can be ordered.
The sparkling white geodes are from Morocco, and usually have a diameter of around 5-6 inches.

Local smaller geodes are also available.

Rose quartz is available in a variety of sizes, from small 3 inch pieces, to heavy 6 inch pieces.

Other minerals usually available are calcite and mica schist.
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